Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scheduled Sewing Day

A big pile of pre-washed fabric awaiting ironing.I am so happy to know I have set aside at least two days each week for sewing. I say 'at least two days' because I have scheduled two days a week to sew with a friend. If you are having trouble finding time to sew, why not schedule the time? It could be time scheduled with a friend like I am doing. Or it could be time you schedule with yourself. Write it on your calendar or planner if need be. Make a commitment to yourself or with a friend today. We schedule our lives around so many different things. It makes perfect sense to schedule our hobbies, our time for ourselves. We all need a bit of time to refresh and relax, to engage in our own form of renewal. Relaxation and personal time for sewing are intermingled. For me, sewing is my type of relaxation that allows me to recharge my batteries. I get in the zone, lose all sense of time, and before I know it I feel recharged, refreshed and ready to tackle other issues. Is sewing that way for you? Then by all means, schedule more time for it!

Okay . . . so today I did other things besides sewing. One of them was to press this pile of fabric I pre-washed yesterday. Yes! Ironing! Maybe that is not the most fun part of sewing, but with my friend here for a sewing day with me the ironing time passed quickly while we chatted. I say if you want to double your sewing fun invite a friend over and go to it. I got all caught up on this ironing business and enjoyed the day! Whenever my friend and I end our day of sewing and we go our separate ways . . . Aaaah! A big sigh of delight! What a great day . . . I cannot wait till next time!

Now, off to those calendars and planners to set up your sewing schedules. Fifteen to twenty minutes? One to two hours? A whole day or afternoon? Whatever you can fit in will work. Let me know how it goes!

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