Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt

Check out the MissyMack blog - Sam sewed this great Disappearing Nine Patch quilt block. It's my inspiration for a new quilt.I was following blog links while crawling the web and came across this post through a link that Dena posted. Dena and Sam, thanks for posting! The quilt as shown on Sam's site, MissyMack, is called the Disappearing Nine-Patch. This is a new quilt I have not seen before. Now I know what I'll be doing with all those 5" blocks I've been cutting from my fabric scraps. I think I'll have to do a search for the Disappearing Nine Patch to see if there's more on this interesting looking quilt.

I've been cutting up my scrap fabric for some time. I wanted to clear out some of the excess fabric scraps I've accumulated. These are generally the short pieces left over from ends of bolts or previous projects. Some were given to me by quilting friends who have accumulated way too many scraps. Knowing I like scrappy quilts, I've been the recipient of these odds and ends from friends for quite a while now. Thus the exercise of cutting them up into either 2 1/2" strips for jelly-roll quilts or 5" blocks for charm quilts. Up to this point I've been busily cutting scraps - not quite knowing what they'll be when finally utilized. This Disappearing Nine Patch sounds like a really cool kind of quilt. And it's a fun quilt to look at as Sam's quilt, with the block pictured above, can attest. Thanks to all those generous bloggers out there for sharing. I've got another quilt project lined up. Now I just need to keep sewing so I can get caught up with all my new plans.

It's all a matter of finding time to sew, and making time to sew. That said, I need to make a more concerted effort to decrease some time on the computer and increase some time in my Sewing Studio. Part of the issue is I have such a wide range of interests. That's a good thing, too. Having so many interests means there's never a dull moment. There's always something fun to do waiting in the wings. Making time to take part in so many interests is key to being able to do all the things I really, really want to do. So far I haven't done as much to limit time on the computer. I get so into doing what I'm doing I find the time just speeds by as I'm in the zone. It works that way for me a lot - that being in the zone concept. Next thing I know, a couple hours have gone by while I'm focused on my project.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post. I love the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern and hope to make one soon. I've been contemplating purchasing a 5" charm packet from Keepsake Quilting that I'm sure will look great using this block... Do you think anyone would notice if I added to my already overflowing resources? lol

  2. LOL - Oh I hear you on that one! If your resources are anything like my resources one little charm pack could easily get lost among all the rest. In fact, while looking through some of my stuff last week I came across several lost charm packs I forgot I had. Hey, maybe those should be the ones I use for this quilt . . . disappearing charm packs for making the Disappearing Nine Patch. What a concept! :)


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